The Perivoli Trust is a U.K. domiciled family trust with a philanthropic focus.

The Perivoli Trust owns a portfolio of investment assets in real estate, public and private equities and collectibles.

The Trust has owned from the outset a stake in Arisaig Partners, an emerging market focussed investment management firm headquartered in Singapore and London.

The Trust’s real estate assets include an estate with two houses for holiday rent in Italy, the Perivoli Lagoon House in the Walker Bay Conservancy near Stanford, Hermanus in South Africa and a portion of the Okonjima Nature Conservancy in Namibia.

The Perivoli Schools Trust was established in 2012 with its aim being to help address the challenges faced by nursery school teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2016 Perivoli Innovations, a Jersey based purpose trust, was settled to invest in early stage life science, medical, digital and other new technology companies in the U.K. and Africa with a positive societal impact. It’s four areas of focus are climate change, health, social inclusion and productivity enhancement.

The Perivoli Africa Research Centre (PARC) was established at the University of Bristol in 2018 with a gift from the Trustee of the Perivoli Trust.

In 2020 The Perivoli Foundation, a UK charity, was settled which supports the Perivoli Schools Trust, the Perivoli Africa Research Centre and a number of founder-led charities.

All investment gains enjoyed by Perivoli Innovations not reinvested are gifted in the first instance to the Perivoli Foundation.